Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bayanbulag coal deposit details revealed by Western Prospector Group

Western Prospector Group Ltd. (TSX-V:WNP) reports large amount of near-surface coal deposits found at its Bayanbulag site.

It made the announcement in reports filed last week with the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia.

The report detailed deposits of brown or thermal coal in a horizontal, near-surface seam which will allow for open pit mining. Bayanbulag is located 27 kilometres northwest of Choibalsan, the regional capital of Dornod province.

Western acquired the Bayanbulag deposit in 2007 with the intent to mine coal only as a fuel source for its Gurvanbulag uranium mine development, which will need heating for mine air and surface buildings.
Since then, third parties have indicated an interest in purchasing coal from Western for their own needs. As a result, Western is developing a mining plan to for its own needs as well as sales to other customers.

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