Friday, December 14, 2007

With an eye on sales to China, QGX begins testing tungsten deposits at Undur Tsagaan

Studies of deposits has begun at the Undur Tsagaan site in eastern Mongolia.

QGX Ltd. (TSX: QGX) announced Thursday that it has begun testing samples of tungsten and molybdenum sulfide ores at the site.

Molybdenum is a silver-white metallic element, used as an alloy with iron in making hard, high-speed cutting tools.

Paul Zweng, President and CEO of QGX Ltd., said Thursday, "Undur Tsagaan is the largest tungsten and molybdenum resource in Mongolia. As the production of steel continues to rise in China and elsewhere in the world, we believe the demand for tungsten and molybdenum will remain strong. We also believe demand will remain strong for these two commodities because tungsten and molybdenum projects are scarce—there are only a handful undergoing development."

Friday, 14 December 2007

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